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Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone… the number of existing mobile platforms exceeds all reasonable limits while the developers can hardly choke down their moaning hearing cheery management appeals about supporting another platform…

I think when another mental eclipse caused by progressing deadline occurs, every person who is connected with software development has this banal thought – why is it not possible to make one project that would magically deploy on all the platforms in the native predictable view basing on one source code? There are a few frameworks that make this dream real.

In fact they use 3 approaches: interfaces generation based on

– javascript/HTML5
– C-like languages
– mixing these two approaches above

In some cases device-dependent things are boxed up into one package (in this respect AppCelerator upsets greatly, although the developers swear that do their best to optimize the resultant applications), or at the compilation moment there…

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Twit x twyter

TICs y Formación


Os presentamos una infografía realizada por Lombok Design y Social Media TIC’s and Training, sobre las 4 etapas para comprender Twitter.
La hemos realizado en español y en inglés. También hemos incluido sus versiones en PDF en alta calidad para que podíais descargarlas e imprimirlas. Esperamos que os gusten.
Si queréis ponerlas en vuestros blogs o páginas, os facilitamos el código para insertarlas.

Un saludo

VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOLLas 4 etapas para comprender Twitter Bájalo en PDF

Código para insertar la imagen en tu blog o web


VERSIÓN EN INGLÉS4 stages of “getting· Twitter PDF Download

Código para insertar la imagen en tu blog o web

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